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Producer: Elías & Shady Bayter

Farm:   El Vergel

Region: Tolima, Colombia

Variety: Sidra

Process: Koji Super Natural

Altitude: 1.500 masl

Harvested: 2023


Cupping notes: Dark cherry jam, chocolate liquor, red apple, raisins, wild forest fruits. Intense sweetness and juicy.



What we paid:

-Coffee: 55€/Kg

-Shipping: 0.50€/Kg

-Packaging: 1.50€/bag

Quantity bought: 35 Kg

Koji Sidra, El Vergel, Colombia

Sales Tax Included
  • The Koji process is a technique that improves the quality of the coffee. After the fungus is reproduced in rice, it is ground, spread over the coffee beans, and left to ferment for 36 hours.

    Koji mould breaks down starches in coffee cherries into fermentable sugars, producing amino acids, glutamates, esters and aldehydes. This intensifies the existing characteristics of coffee and adds new flavours and fruity aromas. It increases cupping scores by 1-2 points, benefiting coffee producers.

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