We are S U M O.

We cup. We roast. We deliver.

Sumo Coffee Roasters mission is to create a transparent and ethical coffee business, which highlights and celebrates from the producers and farmers who put their heart and sweat into the craft to the baristas who will produce the finished product and everyone in between.

Our goal is to make sure there is a direct trade and that we paid a fair price to the farmers.

By helping educate the consumers about the farmers craft, by telling the story behind the bean and by doing our best to achieve perfection in our roast, SUMO’s plan is to increase the standard and experience for all involved in the industry, innovating the way forward for coffee.

Sumo coffee roasters was founded in the summer of 2020 by World Cup Taster Champion 2019, Daniel Horbat.

Meet the team.

Who are we and how we got here.

Daniel is a well decorated member of the coffee scene, winning the World Cup Tasting Championship in 2019, the first time such an achievement has been won by an Irish representative.

He started working in the industry back in college, and in his 18 years long career he accumulated experience behind the bar, consulting, teaching, mentoring, and being the main part of the team in opening and establishing coffee shops in Dublin.



Daniel at his first job in Ireland with his manager Marcin,

Things started to get real for him when he discovered the beauty of specialty coffee.

He becomes fascinated by coffee and its delicious complexity, when he founds out about origins and how every bean is different in taste and aroma from one another, depending on numerous factors.

Since his first competition, back in 2016, Daniel has won (beside the World Championship) three Irish cup Tasting Competition, came 3rd in Coffee Masters 2018 in London, and qualified multiple times into the Irish Latte Art finals.

Coffee masters 2018 LONDON
an achievement he's proud of


1st place - ICTC


1st place - ICTC


1st place - ICTC

He is very proud of winning the World Cup Tasters Championship in Berlin, 2019. This is not because he won a title, it’s for the simple fact that training for the world cup helped him learn discipline, humility and how to trust in himself. He has been focusing his time and energy into it for the past few years he had lows and ups on this long road, but somehow, he always managed to stay motivated, strong and learn more.

‘’Now I can say that nothing beats the moment when I was handed the trophy – it made me understand that it was worth it, that it wasn’t all for nothing, and this somehow gave me the feeling that if I believe it and I trust myself enough I can do anything I put in my mind.  ‘’

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