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Producer: Karana Global & So So Good Coffee Company

Farm: Small group of farmers

Region: Kintamani, Bali

Variety: Kartika

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 masl

Harvested: August 2022


CUPPING NOTES:  Pomegranate, red apple, grapes, dark chocolate. Boozy, intense flavours and aroma



Sourced through Algrano.

Quantity bought: 100 Kg.

What we paid:

Coffee: 19.1695€ FCA/Kg +

Financing during warehousing: 0.2025€/Kg +

Shipping: 0.27€/Kg+

Packaging cost: 1.50€/bag


FOB price: €14.0413/kg

Freight, import & outhousing: €1.6849/kg

Financing: €0.3400/kg

Algrano fee: €3.1033/kg


We are so delighted that our first-ever coffee from Indonesia to be processed by Karana Global in partnership with So So Good Coffee Company, two of the most celebrated Indonesian coffee pioneers.


So So Good Coffee Company is founded by Mikael Jasin, World Barista Championship (WBC) 2019's 3rd runner up and WBC 2021's 5th runner up.


Karana is the collaboration between two like-minded coffee professionals sharing a passion for great Specialty Coffee. Rodney Glick, Australian, and Kadek Edi, Bali, Indonesia, are Certified Licensed Q Graders, Coffee Supply Chain Experts, Roasters and Baristas. Their processing site is in the middle of traditional village life. They are the only Specialty Green Bean and Fine Robusta processors in Bali that control quality from the farm to the finished product. They train and employ local people contributing annually to projects centred on community education and the environment.


This lot is a collaborative effort to improve the landscape of coffee production in Indonesia.

By utilizing different strains of yeast to derive flavour within the cup, there are four different flavour categories being created throughout the six processing facilities: Bumi, Senja, Pucuk and Kamala.


Our lot - Kamala - means lotus as well as pale red in Sanskrit.


This is the producers' take on what Indonesian coffees could be under experimental yet directed post-harvest techniques. Kamala offers different arrays of fruity, boozy and out-of-this-world flavours! They achieved this through the use of the mostly anaerobic natural technique as well as trial-based inoculants.


Indonesia is an archipelago country off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia - they are also the 4th largest coffee exporter in the world! Kintamani is a district within Bali island, where Bali is famously known for its tourist attractions.


Kamala Kintamani #01, Indonesia

€21.75 Regular Price
€18.49Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

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