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Our sole focus is to ensure your coffee will remain the highest quality and maintain its same taste each batch.

Through a combination of things - like the amazing tasting buds of the World Cup Champion 2019, Daniel; the sophisticated cupping process we undertake each time; our direct beautiful relationship with the farmers; all this combined with our innovative and methodic roasting style – we are able to produce and deliver the most complex, vibrant and distinctive coffee possible.

Our wholesale service, beside the beans delivery, also includes help with setting up and choosing the right coffee equipment for your needs.

But we know that the best beans and the most stylish and efficient machines are not enough; with years of experience of working in the industry ourselves, behind the coffee machine, we believe that the most important factor for your coffee quality is a well educated barista.

We offer tailored coffee training for your staff, from brewing the coffee to the right way to tell the story behind the bean in order to help put the farmers on the map. Our training is included in the wholesale partnership and it’s far more advance than any barista course; our coffee geeks will make sure that you and your staff are able to extract the best coffee possible.

We are excited to work with you and would appreciate if you could answer a few short questions.

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