Yellow Wush Wush, Colombia

Yellow Wush Wush, Colombia

Region: Cundinamarca

Farm:   La Esperanza

Producer: Jaguar Coffee

Variety: Wush Wush

Process: Yellow Natural 96h Double Mixed Fermentation

Altitude: 1.950 masl

Harvested: 2020

Cupping score: 89


CUPPING NOTES: Tropical sweetness, Winey and buzzy, Guava, Pineapple, Banana, Green apple, Lime, Juicy and complex with a long cacao nibs aftertaste. 




The Wush Wush is a rare variety and not much is known about it. It arrived in Colombia about 30 years ago and it is believed to have made its way from Ethiopia, originating in the village of Wush Wush. It's not common to find this variety in Colombia though, because it needs a larger space to be cultivated and requires higher altitude to protect the plant from insects and diseases like leaf rust.


Wush Wush has long and pointed cherry, with similar physical characteristics to that of Gesha, and we believe that with its beautiful notes and intense aroma it gives Gesha a run for its money.

  • Meet the farmer

    Finca la Esperanza is located in the region of Cundinamarca, only a two hours’ drive away from the capital Bogota, and it is situated at a high altitude of 1.950 masl, which is optimal for exotic varieties like Wush Wush. La Esperanza has been producing coffee for 70 years now, with the first coffee trees planted at the farm being traditional Colombian varieties, such as Caturra and Typica. Today, on the farm’s land grow around 20.000 coffees trees, including varieties like Gesha, Amarillo, Castillo and now, Wush Wush.


    Jaguar Coffee started working with La Esperanza around 8 years ago and since then they massively improved the quality of the coffee grown and produced on La Esperanza, by using different approaches in the harvest season and experimenting with innovative processing techniques like fermentation in different environments, and for different periods of time, and by keeping under observation every stage of the production. The meticulous control in every step of the production definitely shows in the end result, with a clean and lively cup profile.



  • Process

    This truly unique coffee has been carefully handpicked, to ensure only the optimally ripe cherries were used, and fermented in an anaerobic environment for 96 hours then slow dried inside solar dryers, on African style raised beds, for 45 days until it reached around 10-11% moisture content. Once coffee is dried, it is stored in GrainPro bags prior to shipping, since they noticed that it helps improve the quality over time.


    Jaguar Coffee says “they definitely have a lot to learn and share” but they are genuinely passionate producers, and we love supporting them.


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