Yellow Caparao, Encanto do Paraiso, Brazil

Yellow Caparao, Encanto do Paraiso, Brazil

Farm: Encanto do Paraiso

Producer: Andressa Amaral da Silva

Region: Serra do Caparao, border with Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais

Varietal: Yellow Caparao

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1.250 MASL

Harvested: 2020

Cupping score: 87



TASTING NOTES: Flavours notes of fresh pineapple and citrus, bright cup, medium lime acidity, round body, buttery mouthfeel, sweet lime last lingering.


  • Meet the farmer

    In 2018 Daniel had the chance to visit Minas Gerais, a state in Southeastern Brazil for the World Cup Tasters Championships. In the days he wasn’t competing he was spending his time in the local coffee shops where he realized that everything was tasting so much more different than other Brazilian coffees he had before in Dublin. One of the varieties that stood out for Daniel was Yellow Caparao. He felt in love then and there. Caparao is not your typical Brazilian coffee region; it’s less nutty and chocolatey with a more delicate acidity and a more intense fruity flavor.


    When Daniel began working on this beautiful project, Sumo Coffee Roasters, it was so important for him to secure a Yellow Caparo coffee to share the beauty of it with everyone.


    This coffee is produced by Andressa Amaral da Silva, 36 years old,  and comes from Sitio Encanto de Paraiso, part of the community in Forquilha de Rio, situated at 1250 MASL in the region Serra Do Caparao, at the border with Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais.  During harvest season, when Andressa sits to rests, she only has to gaze ahead to appreciate the privileged beauty of Caparao National Park.


    Together with her husband Sergio and their 17 years old son, Bruno, they look after 20 thousand coffee trees from which 15.000 are Yellow Caparao varietal and 5.000 Red Catuai, spread over 3.5 hectares. The family has been working as “Meeiros” at Sitio Encanto do Paraiso for the last 4 years. The word “Meiroos” refers to farmers who work on land that belongs so someone else.


    Andressa, according to her, comes from a simple family of hard workers. She started working along her brothers in the family farm when she was 13 years old. She remembers that back then the coffee beans were thrown on the farm floor, collected and fanned with a sieve to remove light impurities and then taken to the washer. After passing through the water the coffee was moved to the patio for drying. De-pulping of the fruits was an unknown novelty, and they only started to practice it after 2 years of work at Forquilha do Rio.

    Today their processing technique looks so much more different. The grains are harvested and taken to the community de-pulper and then dried in a greenhouse on the property. Last season is the first time they tried the natural process, and Andressa says she is happy with the outcome so far and because she loves her work so much she made her purpose to continue the dedication to coffee quality improvement -  a little bit like Daniel, our Founder and Head Roaster,  if you ask me.


    Andressa and her family are thrilled to produce specialty coffees and to have their first batch drank oversees, all around the world.


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