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Producer: Carlos Rivera Jr

Farm: Las Mataras

Region: Mercedes

Variety: Catuai, & Typica

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1.600 - 1800 masl

Harvested: 2023


CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, vanilla and lemon tea.


Carlos’s wife Soraya is the third generation of a coffee-growing family, but it was only long after she and Carlos were married that they decided to start cultivating coffee. It didn’t take long for the couple to fall in love with their new way of life. As often happens when you feel a strong affinity with what you do, both Carlos and Soraya, as well as their coffees, improved to higher levels each year. Finally, when they felt ready, they began sharing their love for their beans with the broader community.


When he was a young adult, Carlos Rivera Junior, born in 1996, also became involved in the family business, focusing on drying and processing small lots of carefully picked beans. He learned to prepare balanced, rich micro-lots from single varieties that he selected from his parents’ farm.


In 2018, Carlos Junior won the gold medal in their region – Oro de Ocotepeque – marking a significant turning point. The winning anaerobic lot, which cupped at 89 points, brought additional fame and solidified the family’s reputation as reliable providers of exceptional beans.


The quality of their coffee doesn’t depend solely on Carlos Junior’s preparation skills. It all starts at the roots: how and where the coffee plants are grown, when the ripest beans are picked and selected, and how they are dried. The Rivera family relies on stable, long-term relationships with workers who have returned every season for eight to ten years. These workers enjoy better conditions than most in the field and are appreciated for their skills. The family often organizes small tasting events for the team, helping them understand the importance of picking only the ripest beans for high-quality micro-lots. As a result, the workers become more enthusiastic about their jobs when they know—and can taste—the rewards that their efforts bring.



  • We paid 13.3973€ (which includes 10.4981€/Kg for coffee FOB and 2.8992€/Kg for freight, warehousing, financing, Algrano's fee) plus
  • Packaging: 1.50€/bag
  • Quantity bought: 48 Kg


Catuai, & Typica, Washed - Las Mataras, Honduras

Sales Tax Included

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