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Producer: Hidardo Hernández - CAFESMO Ocotepeque

Farm: Las Cascaritas

Region: Santa Rosa de Copán
Variety: Catuai
Process: Koji Natural
Altitude: 1300 masl
Harvested: 2023


CUPPING NOTES: Honey, pineapple, grape and plum. Creamy body.


Hidardo Hernandez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer and the founder of Cafés Especiales Mercedes Ocotepeque (CAFESMO).


Finca Las Cascaritas is the farm he inherited from his father and currently operates with his mother, herself a third-generation coffee farmer. Together they grow several coffee varieties such as Parainema, Bourbon, and Obata.

The farm sits on hilly and tree-covered terrain covering 3.5 hectares at altitudes of 1230 masl to 1300 masl. The diversity of plant life includes pine trees native to the region and banana, American walnut and hazel pine.

In addition to natural, honey, and washed specialty coffees, Hidardo started to work on experimental micro-lots in 2015 to explore the possibilities of developing unusual cup profiles. Using non-traditional processes on lesser-known varietals has led him to produce coffees with pronounced fruity and winey notes that would appeal to consumers with more adventurous preferences.



  • We paid 15.2717€ (which includes 12.0955€/Kg for coffee FOB and 3.1762 €/Kg for freight, warehousing, financing, Algrano's fee) plus
  • Packaging: 1.50€/bag
  • Quantity bought: 48 Kg

Catuai, Koji Natural - Las Cascaritas, Honduras

Sales Tax Included

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